HP C7000 Interconnect Bay Mapping

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Here I address the most common query people have when using HP C7000 chassis, namely how do the bay mappings work.

Half Height Blades

HP supply blades which occupy single or double slots, the single height blades map in the following way.

Device Interconnect Bay Mapping
OnBoard NIC1 Bay 1
OnBoard NIC2 Bay 2
Mezz1 HBA1 Bay 3
Mezz1 HBA2 Bay 4
Mezz2 NIC1 Bay 5
Mezz2 NIC2 Bay 6
Mezz2 NIC3 Bay 7
Mezz2 NIC4 Bay 8

Half Height Blade Mappings

Full Height Blades

For dual height blade server such as BL680c the mappings work the same way although each server has two mappings to each for example slot one maps to ports one and nine in each interconnect bay as opposed to just bay port one if in slot one and port nine if in slot nine.

Full Height Blade Mappings