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While studying to become a AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional I have been passed and found lots of resources, in this post I am trying to store the links which are useful. I started my journey with the AWS exam blueprint. This is I believe the perfect place to start to study as it describes when exactly is covered by the exam and the weighted value of each skill being measured. I’ve then categorised the many study links I have been passed under each knowledge domain.

After each knowledge domain is covered I’ve placed links to the base knowledge covered in Associate level exams. Finally there is a section of the blog posts from people who have taken the exam and there experience of the process.

A series of video’s for AWS Solutions Architecture Professional training.

High Availability and Business Continuity (15%)

Backup and Recovery Approaches Using AWS
Enterprise Backup and Recovery
Using Amazon Web Services and DFS Replication for Disaster Recovery of File Servers
Backup and Recovery Approaches Using AWS
Using AWS for Disaster Recovery
Migrating AWS Resources to a New Region Using OpsWorks Auto Healing
How to Enable Disaster Recovery and Migrate to AWS (Video)
Deploying a Disaster Recovery Site on AWS (Video)
Rapid Recovery Solution for Disaster Recovery (Video)
Multi-Region Application Using Amazon VPC (Video)
Deploy High Availability & Disaster Recovery Architectures with AWS (Video)
Introducing AWS Solutions for Backup and Archiving (Video) AWS Storage Gateway: Secure, Cost-Effective Backup & Archive (Video)
Disaster Recovery for VMware, Hyper-V, and AWS

Costing (6%)

How AWS Pricing Works Cost Optimisation on AWS (Video)
Cost Optimization at Scale (Video)
The Science of Saving with AWS Reserved Instances (Video)
Running Lean Architectures: Optimizing for Cost Efficiency (Video)
Cloud-Native Cost Optimization (Video)
Strategies to Quantify TCO and Optimize Costs using AWS (Video)
EC2 Dedicated Hosts: Save Money, Use Your Software Licenses (Video)
Save Up to 90% on your Amazon EC2 Bill with Spot Instances
Reserved Instances 101
Complete Guide to AWS Reserved Instances
Advanced Strategies for AWS Cost Allocation with Tags and Linked Accounts (Video)
10 Ways to Optimize Public and Private Cloud Costs
Mastering the fundamentals of AWS cost management
Managing enterprise AWS costs at scale
Using Cloudability to reduce AWS costs

Deployment Management (10%)

Deployment Options on AWS
Managing Multi-Tiered Applications with AWS OpsWorks
Overview of Deployment Options on AWS
Managing Multi-Tiered Web Applications with OpsWorks
Managing your AWS Infrastructure at Scale
Introduction to DevOps on AWS
Infrastructure as Code (Video)
Managing Your Infrastructure as Code (Video)
Zero to Sixty: AWS CloudFormation (Video)
CloudFormation Masterclass (Video)
Using AWS CloudFormation for Deployment and Management at Scale (Video)
CloudFormation Best Practices (Video)
CloudFormation under the Hood (Video)
Deploy, Manage, and Scale Your Apps with OpsWorks and Elastic Beanstalk (Video)
CodeDeploy: Automating Your Software Deployments (Video)
Introducing AWS OpsWorks (Video)
Getting Started with AWS OpsWorks (Video)
AWS OpsWorks Under the Hood (Video)
Going Zero to Sixty with AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Video)
Scaling Your Web Applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Video)

Network Design (10%)

Amazon VPC Network Connectivity Options
VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity Options (Video)
Deep Dive: AWS Direct Connect and VPNs (Video)
From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design (Video)
Another Day, Another Billion Packets (Video)
New Capabilities for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Video)
Build a Remote Access VPN Solution on AWS (Video)
Amazon Route 53 Deep Dive: Delivering Resiliency, Minimizing Latency (Video)
Consolidating DNS Data in the Cloud with Amazon Route 53 (Video)
Implementing Microsoft DirectAccess and NAT in the AWS Cloud (Video)

Data Storage (15%)

Maximizing EC2 and EBS Performance (Video)
S3 MFA Delete
Big Data Analytics Options on AWS
Cloud Storage Services Overview
RDBMS in the Cloud: Deploying SQL Server on AWS
Understand AWS Storage Options (Video)
State of the Union: AWS Storage Services (Video)
S3 Masterclass (Video)
EBS Deep Dive (Video)
Amazon EBS: Designing for Performance (Video)
Storage Management & Backup Using Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier (Video)
How Electronic Arts, State of Texas, & H3 Biomedicine Use AWS (Video)
Amazon S3 Deep Dive and Best Practices (Video)
Amazon S3 Deep Dive and Best Practices (Video)
New Storage Class for Amazon S3: Standard-Infrequent Access (Video)
Intro to AWS: Database Services (Video)
Amazon RDS for MySQL: Best Practices (Video)
Best Practices: SQL Server on Amazon RDS and EC2 (Video)
A Technical Introduction to Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Video)
EMR Masterclass (Video)
EMR Deep Dive and Best Practices (Video)
EFS Update (Video)
From Zero to NoSQL Hero: Amazon DynamoDB Tutorial (Video)
Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive (Video)
Deep Dive: Amazon DynamoDB (Video)

Security (19%)

AWS Best Practises for DDoS Resiliency
Securing Data at Rest with Encryption
IAM Best Practise
SAML Federation with ADFS and AWS
Identity Broker Sample For Active Directory IAM Federation Playground
Delegate Access Across AWS Accounts Using IAM Roles AWS Security Best Practices
Amazon Web Services Security Fundamentals
Introduction to AWS Security
Overview of Security Processes
AWS Risk and Compliance
AWS DDoS Whitepaper
Single Sign-On: Integrating AWS, OpenLDAP, and Shibboleth
Securing Data at Rest with Encryption
Security at Scale: Logging in AWS
Identity Providers and Federation
Understanding The AWS Security Model (Video)
Getting Started with AWS Identity and Access Management (Video)
IAM Best Practices to Live By (Video)
How to Become an IAM Policy Ninja in 60 Minutes or Less (Video)
Mastering Access Control Policies (Video)
Security Best Practices (Video)
Advanced Security Best Practices Masterclass (Video)
Architecting for Greater Security on AWS (Video)
Defending Against DDoS Attacks (Video)
Practical Steps to Hack-Proofing AWS (Video)
Architecting for End-to-End Security in the Enterprise (Video)
Log, Monitor and Analyze your IT with Amazon CloudWatch (Video)
Mobile Identity Management & Data Sync Using Amazon Cognito (Video)
Reliable Design and Deployment of Security and Compliance (Video)
Strategies for Protecting Data Using Encryption in AWS (Video)
Encryption and Key Management in AWS (Video)
Secure Applications with AWS Key Management Service (Video)
Encryption Key Storage with AWS KMS at Okta (Video)
Intrusion Detection in the Cloud (Video)
Incident Response in the Cloud (Video)
SSL with Amazon Web Services (Video)

Scalability & Elasticity (15%)

AutoScaling for DynamoDB
VPC Migration: NATs & Bandwidth Bottleneck
Managing Your AWS Infrastructure at Scale
Performance at Scale with Amazon ElastiCache
Using Amazon CloudFront For Your Websites & Apps (Video)
Best Practices for Content Delivery using Amazon CloudFront (Video)
Secure Content Delivery Using Amazon CloudFront (Video)
Elastic Load Balancing Deep Dive and Best Practices (Video)
Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users (Video)
Scaling Infrastructure Operations with AWS (Video)
All You Need To Know About Auto Scaling (Video)
Introduction to Amazon Kinesis (Video)
Streaming Data Processing with Amazon Kinesis and AWS Lambda (Video)
Building Real-time Streaming Applications with Amazon Kinesis (Video)
Kinesis Deep Dive (Video)
ElastiCache: Deep Dive (Video)
EMR Masterclass (Video)
EMR Deep Dive and Best Practices (Video)

Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture (10%)

Existing vSphere, Hyper-V and Xen VM Import
AWS Management Portal for vCenter
vCenter Portal
Best Practices for Migrating from RDBMS to Amazon DynamoDB
A Practical Guide to Cloud Migration
Migration Best Practices – RDBMS to DynamoDB
Strategies for Migrating Oracle Database to AWS
AWS Management Portal for vCenter
Enable & Secure Your Business Apps via the Hybrid Cloud on AWS (Video)
Preparing for Migration: A Roadmap to AWS (Video)
Migrating Fox’s Media Supply Chains to the Cloud with AWS (Video)
How Delaware North Migrated 90+ Apps in Four Months (Video)
Acceleration of AWS Enterprise Adoption in GE (Video)
AWS and VMware: How to Architect Hybrid Environments

AWS Core Knowledge

AWS Architecture Center
AWS Well‐Architected Framework
Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices

All re:invent 2016 Sessions are available on AWS YouTube Playlist. All slides used at re:Invent, Summit, DevDay are all available on AWS SlideShare.

The User \ Developer and FAQs Are Useful CloudFront Developer Guide
CloudFront FAQs
CloudFormations User Guide
CloudFormations FAQ
CloudWatch FAQ
Config FAQ
Data Pipeline FAQs
Direct Connect User Guide
Direct Connect FAQs
DynamoDB Developer Guide
DynamoDB FAQs
EBS User Guide
EC2 User Guide
EC2 Instance Types
EC2 Masterclass (Video)
Elastic BeanStalk Developer Guide
ElasticCache FAQs
Elastic LoadBalancer FAQ
Elastic MapReduce : A Technical Introduction (Video)
Glacier FAQs
IAM User Guide
Import Export Snowball
Import Export FAQs
Kinesis Deep Dive (Video)
Kenesis Developer Guide
Kenesis FAQ
OpsWorks FAQ
Redshift FAQs
Route 53 FAQ
SNS Developer Guide
Storage Gateway FAQs
VPC User Guide

Certification Journey Blog Posts

As well as technical study its always good to hear the personal experience stories of people who have studied for and successfully passed.
Nick Triantafillou
Jason Oliver
Frank van der Meer
Frank van der Meer - Sample Exam Questions
Adrian Cantrill
Jeremiah Cutting
Stephen Wilding
Henrik Johnson
Michael Wittig
Mitch Beaumont